Issues to consider during your stay

"Isla Chamame" opens the doors of the house to those who wish to come into contact with the nature of the delta, with themselves and with others, in a climate of warmth, friendship and simplicity. It is our wish that you feel as comfortable as in your own home and that your time here serves to recreate and recharge the necessary energy for the development of your daily activities. To achieve this, it is advisable to take into account some aspects of the life of this, our habitat."

  1. Do not throw waste (candy wrappers, bottles, cigarette butts, diapers, etc.) into the river, the mountains or parks. Use the bins intended for this purpose.
  2. The tap water is not drinkable. To drink, only use water from drums, its use is free. Use water rationally avoiding waste.
  3. We are not responsible for physical integrity for the stay in the River. The entrance to the River is personal responsibility. In the case of children, those responsible are their parents.
  4. Electricity is the only source of energy to satisfy daily needs, such as:
    the obtaining, provision and purification of water; the lighting; maintaining cleanliness of the land; heating, cooking food; etc.
    For this reason, be reasonable with the use, if you do not use a special place, at night, keep the light off, however, we will keep the places of common use throughout the property illuminated for your safety and comfort; except special occasions. Be responsible in the use of Air Conditioning/Heating.
  5. Maintain the cleanliness, order and good condition in which you found the facilities and objects of common use. If you discover any damage or malfunction, notify us immediately in order to preserve the comforts as much as possible. If by chance I cause any breakage, let us know. The facilities and objects available are in good condition and we would like to continue offering them in the same way.
  6. The SUM is the space under our house, for common use. There are several things you can count on: Drinking water, grill, tables, chairs, board games, lifeguards, etc. It is available to be used.
  7. Food and beverages are accepted. If you want you can also buy them from us. We have sale of fresh drinks, coal, homemade sweets, repellent, etc. (We do not always have stock, consult) They can also be supplied with the warehouse boat, normally one passes per day. The warehouse boat is a service that has nothing to do with us, we are not responsible for the time it passes or if one day your service is cancelled.
  8. For breakfast the guest will find in the cabin what is necessary to prepare the infusion that is to his liking, yerba, coffee, different types of tea, powdered milk, sugar and sweetener. We provide them day by day with perishable foodstuffs, such as bread, butter, sweets, cakes and puddings. (These items may change without prior notice, due to seasonality or change of providers. Due to the pandemic, we have suspended perishable items, we hope to replace them as soon as possible)
  9. The first aid kit is available if necessary. In case of emergency, we have our boat.
  10. It is totally forbidden to light a fire under the cabin, neither to light the coals of the grill, nor to scare away mosquitoes, nor for any reason. You can only light fire on the grills. Nor can you light a fire in the park, pier, trails, mount, etc.
    Fire extinguishers are available located at
    Pier (on the right vertical rail)
    SUM (next to the front door)
    Cabin (next to the entrance gate)
    The cabins have a smoke sensor, under no circumstances are they allowed to be deactivated.
  11. If you suspect a fire, or the start of a fire, or see a fire danger, notify it immediately in person, or by phone (since the distance to travel may be long) 11 5749 0017 (Guillermo), 11 6469 8926 (Debora) , 100 firefighters, 911 Police.
  12. Complaints and suggestions: if you consider that there is a reason for complaint, come to discuss it personally, we will try to find a solution, as long as it is reasonable and within our possibilities. However, the book of complaints and suggestions is available.
  13. The hours of entry to the cabins or rooms are agreed upon when making the reservation, but they can enter the property from 10:00 a.m. when the first boat that leaves Tigre arrives.
    The departure time for those who spend the night is at 9 am. Take into account the schedule of the collective boats.
  14. The rest time in which silence is necessary is between 12 at night and 9 in the morning, except on special occasions.
  15. Smokers: please respect the spaces for common use, do not smoke inside the house, cabin or SUM. Do it outdoors, there are ashtrays at your disposal, ask for them and use them. Do not throw the butts on the grass or on the floor, they dirty, they contaminate.
  16. Reservations: to confirm a reservation, 30% will be paid as a deposit within 24 hours of being requested. Payment is made in cash, bank deposit, bank transfer, or transfer via internet, without any difference in amount. The balance, in cash upon entry.
  17. Cancellation: The reservation is a commitment from both parties, on the part of the guest, who will come and complete the payment, on our part, that we will have a cabin available upon arrival, with the agreed services. Therefore, the cancellation by the guest is a breach of that commitment. If the cancellation is very late, it is possible that it can no longer be rented, generating economic damage, if it is well in advance, the cabin can be rented again and there is no major problem. Canceling up to 15 days before the date of entry, the entire deposit is returned, if you cancel between 15 days and 1 week before arrival, the deposit is not returned, unless it is rented again, if you cancel less than 1 week before arrival, the deposit is not returned, but if it is rented again, the deposit remains in deposit and a new rental date must be agreed to be used for no more than one year.
  18. Transfers: In our service the transfer is not included. The passenger boat that arrives at our place is Interisleña, in our section "How to get there" are the schedules.
    Keep in mind the schedule of the collective boats, having to be at the dock a few minutes before the scheduled time. Maybe you should wait, the times are not so exact when you return, don't trust yourself. If you want a remis boat, ask us.
  19. Guests: those who spend the night can bring guests to spend the day paying the corresponding rate, also stay the night, provided there is space available, for which a prior reservation must be made.
  20. Take care of your belongings, if you wish, you can request the storage of your valuables. The house is not responsible for losses.
  21. The house is not responsible for any meteorological alternation, in terms of any reimbursement in case of rain, tides, low tide, storms, strong winds, etc.
  22. Pets are not allowed.
  23. We reserve the right of admission and permanence of not complying with any of the aforementioned items, without any refund.
  24. Your opinion interests us, if you are so kind, tell us your points of view, it will help us to provide a better service.
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