Delta Adventure

Paraná Delta (Tigre, Buenos Aires)

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three cabins
Next to the river

In wild nature

A lovely place

60 minutes
from the microcenter
A Getaway or Vacation

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An Island Adventure


3 Cabins in the Arroyo Espera

Cabins for rent by the day, week, month. The cabins have the same services and benefits. they are slightly different If you like one in particular, when you make the reservation, tell us, and that's it.

Walks, Trails on the island

In our place we have 2 possibilities of walks. The first, along the river bank, which would be the sidewalk, along the fronts of the neighbors. The second, in the middle of the island, among exuberant vegetation, being able to reach the middle of the island. It is a rough road, to which you have to be prepared.


We are in a very quiet area, a few meters from the Torito stream, which is entered through a green tunnel, with trees leaning over the water. Anyone can paddle, no special skills needed. We provide lifeguards and give an initiation class to those who want.

Flora and Fauna of the Island

  • Biguas, Herons,
  • Thrushes, Sparrows,
  • Frogs, Fish
  • Juncos, Camalotes,
  • Hydrangeas, Casuarinas.

Water Sports on the Island

  • Kayaking
  • Bird watching
  • Walks
  • Fishing


  • Lush vegetation
  • Calm stream
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Stillness

Why choose Isla Chamamé?

For more than 10 years providing our service with cordiality and responsibility. We live in the place, you will always find us willing to advise or solve any contingencies that may occur.

We really exist, you can find reviews of our place on Google maps,, Tripadvisor, etc..

Be careful, there are many false posts on ML, Fbk, Ig and other portals that ask for advance reservations and they don't exist.

Personalized attention

Our goal is that you have a comfortable stay and that you leave satisfied, wanting to return. We have lived in the Delta for several years and we are at your disposal.


We have cabins with hot water, kitchen, air conditioning, satellite TV, heating, grill. The place is quiet, ideal for resting or doing recreational activities.

In nature

Although we are only 30 km from downtown Buenos Aires, in this area there is a microclimate of islands, rivers, streams and mountains that will make you feel fully connected with nature.

Quiet and Privacy

We have a small place, only 3 cabins that are arranged without crowding We prioritize tranquility and privacy. Crowds will never be found.

Eco friendly

We propose to be responsible with the environment, treating waste as it should, causing the least amount of pollution in the environment and respecting the species that inhabit it. We love our habitat and we prefer it healthy.

Near Capital

Tigre is accessed by car, train or bus. Chamamé Island is accessed by collective boat, it is reached in 45 minutes from Tigre. Faster taxi boats are also available.

"Espera" stream

Espera stream, on which we are located, is one of the most beautiful streams in the delta. It is calm enough to swim and play sports and beautiful wherever you look at it.

To rest!

Make your reservation and plan how you want to spend your stay here on Isla Chamamé. We are here to fulfill the expectations of your trip.

Descanso en Isla Chamamé3 pasos

Isla Chamamé está situada sobre el Arroyo Espera, a 60 minutos de la capital. En medio de la naturaleza y la tranquilidad.

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