3 Comfortable cabins separated from each other.
Few people, lots of nature.


Our service aims at the total independence of the guests, without imposing schedules or obligations.
They decide when they have breakfast, when they have lunch, when they go rowing or walking.
For that we offer the cabins equipped with what is necessary for them to manage themselves, that they only bring what is necessary to prepare their meals, their treats and their clothes.
But, we are also close, we live on the spot and if any unexpected situation happens, a solution will be found quickly..
The cabins are arranged so that whoever is on their balcony is not in view of the others, keeping privacy

Included services

The 3 cabins have the same services.


You have permanently available tea, coffee, grass, sugar, sweetener, cocoa, powdered milk, bread, butter, cream cheese, dulce de leche, jam, juices (In a box). (Some of these products may vary)

Private bathroom

We provide soap, shampoo, cream rinse. Hot water by hot water tank. Shower with pressurized water with pump. bidet. Toilet paper, air freshener.

Bed linen, white

Sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, towels.


Plates, glasses, cutlery, pots, pans, dishes, jug, kettle, etc.


Gas stove, electric oven, electric kettle and refrigerator. Detergent, sponge.

Kitchen items

Oil, vinegar, fine and coarse salt, sugar, sweetener, tea, yerba, thermos, mate, dishcloths, detergent, sponge, etc.)

Drinking water

We provide drums of drinking water free of charge. We have reverse osmosis water purification equipment, it produces quality water.


Each cabin has its exclusive grill. The lower part is used as a barbecue area with a table and chairs.


AA Cold/Heat equipment and heating plates


WI-FI Internet service free of charge, with coverage throughout the property


Flat screen, Directv, Usb HDMI Plus board games, library, musical instruments.


Available free of charge. We give an initiation class (at no additional cost). The area is very quiet, ideal for beginners. At 200 meters we have the Torito stream, very picturesque and quieter.


Plenty of place to hike along trails in the center of the island or along the river coast. If you like it, there is a lot to go around


Lots of nature, space, few people, tranquility, relaxation and harmony with nature.


More than 10 years receiving guests. We have our own website. You will find reviews of our place on Google Maps, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, and other similar sites.

"Nogal" Cabin

Each Cabin takes its name from the tree that is closest to it, the walnut tree that is in front of it and that gives the Pecán nut, a type of nut that grows very well in the region, with excellent nutritional properties. Starting in spring, when the tree is covered with leaves, it completely hides the cabin, as well as giving it spectacular shade. It is also the furthest cabin. This cabin has all the comforts on a single level, so it is the most appropriate for those who want to avoid stairs, for taste, age or physical build.

"Peral" Cabin

Cada Cabaña toma su nombre del arbol que tiene mas próximo. Esta cabaña tiene un hermoso árbol de Peras a su lado que da cualquier cantidad de frutos, lamentablemente gran cantidad se pierden. A quien le guste, sientase libre para llevar la cantidad que quiera. La cabaña está armada en 2 niveles. En el 1º nivel esta el living, cocina y baño, en el 2º nivel, entrepiso, está el dormitorio.

"Pomelo" Cabin

Each Cabin takes its name from the tree that is closest to it. This cabin has a beautiful Grapefruit tree next to it that bears any number of fruits, unfortunately a large number are lost. Whoever likes it, feel free to bring the amount you want. The cabin is built on 2 levels. On the 1st level is the living room, kitchen and bathroom, on the 2nd level, mezzanine, is the bedroom.

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