Issues to be considered

Isla Chamame opens its door to anyone willing to get in touch with the delta´s nature, with him/herself, or with others, in a warm, friendly and simple atmosphere. Our goal is that you feel as comfortable as if you were at your own place. Also that you return home renewed, and with the energy you need to approach your daily activities. To achieve all these, we recommend you to take into account some aspects of our environment.

1 – Dont’ throw  wastes (papers, cigarette ends, bottles, diappers,etc) neither to the river, nor in the forest, nor around the park. Please, use the garbage can at your disposal.

2 – Make a rational use of water. Avoid wasting it. Drink only bottled water. It’s free. Water from taps is not drinkable.

3 – If you choose to get into  the river, we’ll not be responsable for your physycal integrity. Bathing in the river is a personal responsability. Children are under their parents’ responsability.

4 – Electricity is our only source of energy we’ve got for obtaining, supplying and purificating water from the river, lighting, park maintenance, heating, cooking, etc. Please, use it reasonably. If you don’t need it, turn it off.  We’ll keep the commonn areas lightened for your security and convenience.

5 – Keep the  place and the common objets in the same cleanliness, order and good conditions , you ‘ve found them. If you happen to find something that is not working properly, or that is damaged, please tell us inmediately. If, by chance, you break something, make yourself responsible for it. The facilities and all the elements in our place are kept in good conditions, and we’ll like to continue offering them like that.

6 – The Multiple Use Room is situated under our home. It is for common use. There you will find several things that you may want to use: a stove, fridge, potable water, barbecue grill, tables, chairs, board games, musical instruments, water amenities, sun loungers, musical device, etc.

7 – You can bring your own food and beverages, or you can buy them in our buffet. We have cold beverages, coal and repellent. You can also buy your groceries at the “floating market boat”.

8 – For breakfast, we’ll provide you with the necessary elements for you to prepare it:  coffee, yerba mate, a variety of teas, powered milk, sugar and sweetener. Every day we’ll also provide you with perishable groceries like bread, butter, ham, cakes or puddings (these groceries may be exchanged due to seasonable reasons or any supplier changes).

9 – We have a first aid kit at your disposal.

10 – It is completely forbidden to lit fire under the cabin, not even to start one for the barbecue grill, nor for keeping mosquitoes away, nor for any reason at all. Neither is allowed to lit a fire in the park, pier, trails, forest, etc. You´’ll find fire extinguishers at different places:

At the pier

In the Multiple Use Room (near the entrance door)

In the cabins (at the entrance door)

The cabins are equipped with smoke sensors. It’s not allowed, under any circumstances, to turn them off.

If you suspect there is fire, please tell us inmediately, personally or by phone (as the distancesmay be long) 11 5749 0017 (Guillermo) 11 6469 8926 (Debora)/ 100 Firemen, 911 Police.

11 – Complaints and suggestions. If you have a complaint, please, come and we ‘ll talk  personally. If possible,and the complaint is reasonable, we’ll try to find an immediate solution. Moreover, we’ve got a “Complaint ans suggestions book” at your disposal.

12 – Check in: 12 hs.  But you can arrive at 10,  with the first boat, and stay in the park.

Check out: 9 hs

Silence is required between 12 pm and 9 am, as its considered rest time, except on special occasions.

13 – We ask smokers to be respectful in relation to the common spaces. Don’t smoke inside the cabins or in the Multiple Use Room. You can smoke in the open air. We have ashtrays at your disposal. Ask for them, and use them. Please, don’t throw the cigarette ends on the grass  or on the floor, as the place will get dirty.

14 – Reservations: to confirm a reservation, you have to pay the 30%  of the total amount, as an advanced payment, within the 24 hours after you´ve contacted us. If you cancelled the reservation, no refund will be made. If you don’t appear at the settled hour, we’ll keep your reservation for 2 hours, on the condition that you have given us an advice. Payments should be done in cash, through banking deposit, or internet transference, with no difference in the amount.

15 – Transfer: we don’t provide transfer with a private boat. If you want to travel by taxi boat, you can ask us for one. Be attentive to the boat schedules. You should be at the pier with some minutes of anticipation. Perhaps, you will have to wait, as boats are not so punctual when they are returning to Tigre, but don’t be too confidence.

16 – If you invite someone, he/she can stay for the day. You must pay the pertinent fee for each guest you invite. He/she can also stay for the night if there is room available, but you need to book in advanced.

17 – Take care of your belongings. We can keep your valuables. The house will not be responsible for any loss.

18 – The house is not responsible for meteorological changes. There is no refund due to rains, tides, low tide, storms, strong winds, etc.

19 – Pets are not allowed.

20 – We reserve the right to refuse admision or permanence, with no refund in case you don’t respect the issues mentioned above.

21 – Your opinion matters to us. If you are so kind, please fill the satisfaction survey. It’ll help us to  provide a better service.

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