Photographic safari

For those who like the art of photographing, they can find themselves on the island with animals and landscapes so they can be the reason for their next gallery.


Among the most common plant species are trees such as the willow, the ceibo, the river alder, the coronet and the espinillo, on which epiphytes grow as the carnations of the air and the beards of old.

The partially flooded areas have a population of tall grasses, resistant to periodic floods, of low nutritional value for livestock.

Like swamps in the waters of the river or stagnant reed and bulrush grow. Floating in the waters of the river and of the bathed ones abound the aquatic plants, like camalotes and repollitos of water.
In the margins of the main branches of the Paraná River in its delta section prospered the “palms” (palms) of the pindó species (Syagrus romanzoffiana) but these have been cut down to their almost total extinction since the end of the 19th century

Since the end of the 19th century the human being has introduced aloctone species that have acclimated very well: poplars, plums, peaches, various species of citrus, ramie and even conifers. Also the formio, the wicker and the pecán that represent sources of work for the inhabitants of the islands.


Until the beginning of the 20th century there were Yaguares in the Delta, which gave their name to the Tigre River and the homonymous party. They have been hunted until their extinction, the same has happened with the yacarés, pumas, arirays, peccaries, curiyues and aguaraguazúes.

In the most remote places of the human presence still survive some deer of the marshes, autochthonous species of brown color, with black legs and white circles around the eyes. There are also capybaras, coipos (pseudonutria), river wolves (a kind of genuine otter) and some wild cats.

There are numerous species of birds, such as the thrush, the biguá, the kingfisher, the benteveo, the calandria, the cowherd and the turkey. There were once abundant flocks of swans, and parrots but they have disappeared.

They are quite common some reptiles and amphibians, like snakes, various species of toads, frogs and schools.

In the calm waters of the Delta, fish such as dorado, surubí, catfish, patí, tararira, boga, sábalo and ray find refuge.