Eating locro on July 9

Typical Argentine food composed basically composed of wheat, meat, beans and vegetables. It is a traditional stew that is usually eaten in winter and especially on national holidays.

We leave you a recipe for Argentine locro, step by step:

1- First, the broken corn and beans should be soaked the night before. Slowly put both of them in the same softening water, along with the little pig’s legs and the little cutlets, for an hour and a half to two hours; until the corn and beans are tender (but when biting they have resistance), if you see that liquid is missing, add boiling water and continue cooking.

2- Add the rest of the meats, sausages, bacon, breadcrumbs cut into pieces and the tripe in squares, make it break the boil, defoam; cook slowly another hour; before adding the vegetables, remove the meat and cut into small pieces; then if you add the vegetables cut into small pieces and leave the necessary time so that everything is well cooked and thick.

3- Meanwhile, fry the finely chopped green onion with the reddish-brown fat (prepare the fat with the paprika in the fire and leave it until the fat is red, be careful not to burn, but take an ugly taste ), take out and splash cold water.

4- Serve in bowls with a spoonful of green onion and the red pellet.

Tips and tricks

The secret is not to salt during the cooking, if in the end it is tried and needed it is seasoned.

The cooking has to be very slow, barely bubbling.

Mix the locro every so often with a wooden spoon so that it does not stick to the bottom and the beans fall apart.

The red pellet can be replaced with a sauce prepared with 1 cup of oil, crushed garlic, pepper, ground red pepper and sweet paprika.

Eating locro on July 9
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