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Delta del Paraná (Tigre, Buenos Aires)

reservations at (11) 15-5749-0017 / 15-6469-8926

Three Cabins
by de side of Espera Stream

In wild nature

With all the comforts, a charming place

60 minutes
From downtown
A Getaway or Vacation

Reservations 15-5749-0017 / 15-6469-8926

An Adventure on the Island

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3 Cabins by de side of Espera Stream

Cabins for rent by weekend, week or month. Each cabin offers different services and amenities. Contact us, and we ́ll help you to choose the one perfect for you. Or book your favourite one.
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Trekking - Island´s trails

The Parana delta presents several water mirrors. These water mirrors together/ in conjuction with low altitude produce a microclimate, whose animal and vegetal species resemble those of tropical latitudes.
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Water sports

Our rivers and streams are perfect for the practice of water sports. Canoeing and fishing are among the most enjoyed ones.

Island´s fauna and flora

  • Biguaes - Herons
  • Thrush - Sparrows
  • Frogs - Different kinds of fishes
  • Reeds - Water hyacinth
  • Hydrangea - Casuarinas

Island´s water sports

  • Kayaking
  • Boat trips
  • Fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Trekking


  • Lush vegetation
  • Quiet streams
  • Sunrises ans dusks
  • Peacefulness
  • Native organic products

Why choosing ICh?

Personalized assistance

Our goal is that you enjoy your stay with us. We also hope you leave happy and willing to return. We have been living at theDelta for several years, and you´ll find us here, ready to help you.


Our cabins provide potable water, stove, air conditioning, satellite TV, heating, barbecue grill. Isla Chamame is a beatiful, peaceful and quiet ´place. It´s perfect for relaxing and for the practice of recreational activities.

Surrounded by nature

Though we are only 30 km far from downtown, here you will find a microclimate full of islands, rivers, streams and a lush vegetation which will lead you to a deeply connection with nature.

Peacefulness and privacy

We´ll respect your preferences, whether you come looking for peacefulness and solitude, or willing to share activities with your own group o with local people.

Environment friendly

We try making all our activities environmental reponsible. We manage the waste as it must be done, trying to cause the minimum amount of polution, and respecting all the species that live in it. We love our habitat, and we prefer it healthy.

Next to Buenos Aires

Whether you come to Tigre by car, train or bus, the only way of getting around is by collective boat. It´s a trip of about 45 minutes. You can also take a taxi boat, which is faster.

Espera stream

We are situated by de riverside of the Espera stream. The Espera is one of the most beautiful Delta´s stream. It is perfect for swimming and for the practice of several sports. Espera stream is splendid wherever you look at.

Plan your ideal vacations

Make yout reservation, and plan how you would like to spend your days, at Isla Chamame. We are here to make your expectations come true

Isla Chamamé3 steps for visiting us

Isla Chamamé is located on Arroyo Espera, 60 minutes from Buenos Aires In the middle of nature and tranquility.

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Reservations 11-5749-0017 (whatsapp)


Come to enjoy

Enjoy the tranquility, of swimming, of a barbecue, of silence, of a rowing ...

come back renewed

The experiences on the island are unforgettable. Take them to have with you every day.

Reservations Tel or Whatsapp (+054 9 11) 5749-0017 / 6469-8926
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