About us

When you get around, you´ll find us willing to welcome you. And, we are quite a lot…

All our dogs are pure breed…dog!

They don’t belong to anybody, and have remained with us because we haver never refused  them a plate of soup.



Duke always appears in Facebook, with different names, "Orejas" (Ears), "Chorizo" (Sausage), "Morcilla" (Blood sausage), etc. Although he does have owners and a home, he stays with us the 80% of the day.


The last one who search for shelter. Always humble and with tender eyes, he knows how to win the love of our guests, just as he has won his place with us.


Along with our dogs, there are others, neighbours or ocassional visitors. The most usual ones are Pechito, Donatello and Piba.




Although he has grown up in an appartment, he has adapted pretty well to the environment. Diógenes has become a great hunter, and nevers shows fear. He climbs roofs and trees and, though dogs stared at him in a threatening way, he still walks in front of them. However, he is very weepy, always calling for attention with his pitiful meows.

La Negra.... Sosa

Just as the dogs appeared, she once appeared...a neighbour brought her, thinking she would hunt plagues... but, clearly, she is not fit for the work and she kept coming and asking for food... and, as we don´t refuse anybody a plate of soup, she finally remain with us.

And, at last, the owners, Federico, Débora y Guillermo. We´ll be looking for making your stay at Isla Chamame an pleasent experience!!! Welcome!!!

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